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As a person in the digital world I have a deep understanding of video production, over the years I have gained a lot of experience in a variety of fields which have brought me to a place where I give added value to my clients beyond the average video editor. Over the years I have created thousands of videos that have reached tens of millions of views worldwide. My first shot at the industry was at my military service as a military photographer and video editor. After that I worked as a Motion Graphics Specialist in the USA, I gained a lot of experience working in an international team. When I returned to my country I worked in different and diverse advertising offices, studios and digital agencies, which gave me the professionalism and understanding of a wide variety of marketing platforms. After that I launched my freelance career because it was important to me to express my creativity in projects beyond the technical aspect, and provide 360 ​​service and personal treatment for each and every client. Let’s work together, each of our projects will be managed in the best comprehensive and most professional manner, customized for each client without compromising on any detail. From my point of view, I am more than your professional guy, I am your partner.

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Spring In Motion

On average, video ads get 6x more engagement than image ads

Have you ever thought about the power of having your viewers simply interact and engage?
When it comes to creating a buzz around your brand, video ads are the ultimate advertising tool.

Video Production

360 Services from toe to toe from the idea to the
final product.

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Motion Graphics

I'm a dynamic and creative motion graphics designer.
I'm passionate about bringing ideas to life through visually stunning designs.
Let's bring your vision to life!

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Lilach Rozman Studio

Personal and dedicated treatment including advice and guidance throughout the entire process from start to finish! Availability and courteous service until the finished product - very satisfied with the final product.

Movers Animation Studio

Almog is reliable, communicative and generally a great addition to any creative team. His wide range of knowledge in filmmaking and social media marketing really shines through. Going with Almog will be the right choice!

Nili Zavadski

I always had a response from you and consideration on your part. The amount of work I asked for was not small at all, Almog did everything to get the best result, both in terms of video editing and motion graphics! The results turned out great.

Racheli Perez

A great pleasure to work with Almog Attentive, patient, talented and super professional, highly recommended!!

Yaron Itkin, Singer

Almog is caring and attentive from the first moment to the last.Almog did a very nice job, professional and suitable for the need. It was fun to work with and I will return to him in the following projects, I recommend it to you too.

Rinat Alfital, G6PD

Almog was very attentive all the way to our needs and desires along with professionalism and knowledge. The combination of both resulted in an amazing result just as we imagined.

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